Alcoholic Anonymous Example Breakdown For Contributions*


50% Tidewater Intergroup

4968 Euclid Road Ste F 

Virginia Beach, Va. 23462

   30% General Service Board

P.O. Box 459

New York, NY. 10163

10% Treasurer VAC

P.O. Box 35445

N.Chesterfield, Va. 23235

 10%     Treasurer District


Treasurer District #14             Treasurer District #23             Treasurer District #24             Treasurer District #32

P.O. Box 41464                      P.O. Box 62638                      P. O. Box 9701                       P.O. Box 10621

Norfolk, Va. 23541                 Virginia Beach, Va. 23466     Chesapeake Va. 23321            Virginia Beach, Va. 23450


  • 7th Tradition contribution percentage examples taken directly from AAWS pamphlet “Where Money & Spirituality Mix”
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TIC 7th Tradition Contributions

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