Corrections Committee

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Corrections Committee is to coordinate the work of individual AA members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics behind the walls, and to set up means of smoothing the way from the facility to the larger AA community through prerelease contacts.


Corrections Volunteers NEEDED

Western Tidewater Regional Jail women’s meeting   Monday 730pm-9:00pm
Chesapeake Jail women’s meeting   Tuesday 7:00pm-8:00pm
Chesapeake Jail men’s meeting   Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm
Hampton Roads Regional Jail men’s meeting   Wednesday 7:00pm-8:00pm
Chesapeake Jail men’s re-entry meeting   Wednesday 10:00am-11:00am
Norfolk Jail women’s meeting    Thursday 7:00pm-8:00pm
Indian Creek men’s meeting    Saturday 6:30pm-8:00pm   2 yr. sobriety & 2 yr. commitment

Our Goals

Our goal is to ensure that Alcoholics Anonymous of Tidewater VA has a presence in area correctional facilities.

We intend to carry the message of hope to those who cannot attend meetings on the outside, and initiate prerelease contacts.


The Corrections Committee maintains involvement with area corrections facilities in accordance with guidelines as approved by TIC.

Want to get involved in service with the Corrections Committee?  Leave your contact information in the form below and the standing committee chairperson will get in touch with you.

Corrections Committee