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The TIC Meeting Page lists

  • in-person meetings
  • online (Zoom) meetings
  • combined in-person an online meetings

In-person meetings that have closed temporarily for any reason will appear with “Location Temporarily Closed” in red text next to the meeting name, and the meeting address, while probably still barely visible, will be difficult to see. If there is no text in red and the address is clearly visible, then you’re good to go.

Online meetings are indicated by “Online Meeting” in green text next to the meeting name. If it has always been an online meeting (i.e., if it has never been associated with a physical address) it will show  “Zoom”  in its “Location” field.

Combined meetings appear with a clearly visible physical address and “Online Meeting” in green text next to the meeting name. Some are hybrid meetings – that is, in-person meetings during which someone in attendance (probably a homegroup member) is using a laptop to make the meeting available via Zoom. Some groups choose to conduct their in-person and online meetings separately.