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The purpose of the Steering Committee is to guide the Tidewater Intergroup Committee to function as intended by the bylaws, and in accordance with the principles of AA.


  • Train and supervise employees and volunteers approved by the Intergroup Council as may be necessary to conduct Corporation business. May also include using a financial consultant to assist with the annual 990 form and financial review of the corporation tax filings.
  • Maintain the Central Office and equipment.
  • Maintain a current list of the volunteers for responding to Twelve Step calls while assuring that all names on such list are competent to respond to such calls in the highest traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Assure the Central Office telephone is answered by qualified volunteers from the Twelve Step list.
  • Provide for the forwarding of Twelve Step calls received by the phone watch to qualified Twelve Step volunteers during those hours when the Central Office is closed.
  • Establish guidelines for receiving and making Twelve Step calls whether received on the office telephone or through the night phone watch. These guidelines shall include the essentials necessary for addressing the problems of a practicing alcoholic, a potential Al-Anon, a potential Al-Ateen and inquiries from the general public.
  • Maintain a current list of meetings of groups of Alcoholics Anonymous in the above-described geographic area.
  • Keep a current log of calls received by category and response required providing due deference for the anonymity of the caller.
  • Assist the President in setting the agenda for the Intergroup Council meetings.
  • Provide editorial guidance for the newsletter (“Harmony”).
  • Perform such other duties as may be requested by the President and/or the Intergroup Council.


The Steering Committee functions in accordance with guidelines as approved by TIC.

Want to get involved in service with the Steering Committee?  Leave your contact information in the form below and the standing committee chairperson will get in touch with you.

Steering Committee