Web Committee

Our Mission

The Tidewater Intergroup Council (TIC) is committed to maintaining a vibrant website with its Primary Purpose in mind: spreading the message of Alcoholics Anonymous in its service area – – and even beyond!

Through its website, TIC informs the Tidewater Virginia metropolitan area about a wide range of AA topics, including:

  • Meeting times and locations
  • Services such as the 24 Hour Hotline
  • News of upcoming AA events
  • AA resources, such as ready-to-use meeting materials
  • Links to AA literature online


Who Creates and Maintains the Site?

The Web Committee guides the Tidewater Intergroup Counsel (TIC) on all matters related to the Internet, telecommunications, and data technology. The Web Team is formed from the Web Committee members and attends to the  day-to-day operation of the website and related services. Active AA members can find out about opportunities at the TIC Website by contacting the Intergroup office.

What are our values?

Our guiding principles are found in the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Furthermore, our operations conform to by-laws of the Tidewater Intergroup Council.

We seek to practice the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous in all our activities and operations, and we welcome our fellows to participate in, and contribute to, this special AA mission.


The Website Committee maintains the TIC website in accordance with website guidelines as approved by TIC.

Want to get involved in service with the Website Committee?  Leave your contact information in the form below and the standing committee chairperson will get in touch with you.

Website Committee