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Our Purpose

PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITE:  The purpose of the Website is to assist Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) in the Tidewater Area in carrying the message of A.A. The Website shall be a service tool of the Tidewater Intergroup Counsel (TIC).


PURPOSE OF THE WEB COMMITTEE: The Web Committee provides guidance to the Tidewater Intergroup Counsel (TIC) on all matters related to the Internet, telecommunications and associated computer technology. The Web Commitee provides direct assistance to the TIC’s primary purpose by obtaining website and email services. A Web Team is formed from the Web Commitee members as to directly administer and maintain the day-to-day operation of the website and email services of the on the Internet World Wide Web.

The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, the A.A. Guidelines on the Internet and the Bylaws of the Tidewater Intergroup are the principles by which the Web Committee will function and the Website administered; particular attention will be paid to:

Tradition Five stating AA’s primary purpose as it relates to posting of information on the World Wide Web.

Tradition Six on outside affiliations or endorsements as it may apply to any links or information that is published on the Website.

Traditions Eleven and Tradition Twelve on anonymity as they relate to personal anonymity and the protection of personal information.

Step Twelve and Concept Ten as it relates to Service, maintaining that all are welcome for Service and establish documentation, training and positons to align with this Concept and Step.


The Website Committee maintains the TIC website in accordance with website guidelines as approved by TIC.

Want to get involved in service with the Website Committee?  Leave your contact information in the form below and the standing committee chairperson will get in touch with you.

Website Committee